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Intl: +44 20 8500 8811

Service Centres

We are a Porsche specialist based in Long Eaton, Nottingham.

Our Technicians have over 21 years of Porsche main dealer experience and 29 years of Porsche independent experience, so we are more than confident that our standard of work is of the highest standard.

If it’s a Porsche you own, we’ve got it covered.  We specialise in Porsche servicing and repairs.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in full engine re-builds, both water cooled and air cooled.  We are constantly working on classic restorations and back dates and if you fancy a new Porsche, we are always buying and selling used Porsches.  We are extremely passionate about the product, so you can rest assured that your beloved Porsche is in very safe hands.

We have the latest Porsche diagnostic systems and all the proper Porsche special tooling.  We offer the same workshop facilities that you would find at any Official Porsche centre, but at independent prices.

Please have a good look around our website to better understand what services we can offer.  We would love to see you in the near future, so why not pop into workshop to see what we are about or for just a general chat about the brand?