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Service Centres

Keeping your Porsche on the road....

We have a fully fitted workshop on site with two Porsche trained mechanics and all the latest diagnostic equipment needed to maintain your Porsche. We work at an hourly rate of eighty pounds and can carry out any repairs in house. We are constantly very busy so we only do what needs doing and not upselling as a lot of garages do by looking for extra work.We don't believe in simply replacing a part if it can be successfully repaired. We buy common parts in bulk to get the best discounts from suppliers and have no rents to worry about so we carry out most repairs at realistic prices.We have a good paintshop that we use so bodywork is also something we do. We always have a selection of loan cars available at no extra cost nothing fancy usually car that came in px and we kept just for this reason. This is why the majority of our customers who buy cars from us come back to us for servicing even the ones that live miles away.