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Service Centres

Porsche Servicing in Liverpool

The North West’s leading independent Porsche servicing specialist. We cover Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire and the entire Northwest region.

We offer dedicated Porsche servicing from our workshop in Liverpool, providing incredible value and service to Porsche owners across Cheshire, Merseyside and the entire North West. Your Porsche will be in safe hands with our experienced technicians. You can be assured of our attention to detail, technical abilities and customer service.

Independent Specialist Porsche Services in The North West

Restoration Services

Your Porsche can pick up nicks, dings and scratches over time, these minor imperfections can be erased with one of our restoration services. Powdercoating is a particularly useful technique that applies paint to specific parts of your Porsche using electrically charged paint powder. Your vehicle could also benefit from zinc plating, chromating, vapour and other media blasting.

Engine & Gearbox Rebuilds

Over the years, your engine is liable to accumulate a number of issues, ranging from minor ticks in supporting systems to full-blown failures that may make an engine rebuild necessary. Rebuilds come in all shapes and sizes, from top-end refreshes to full custom rebuilds that live in every Porsche owner’s dreams. We can help you figure out what option is best for your vehicle.

What You’ll Get:

  • Competitive pricing on a fixed price service menu
  • Highly Experienced technicians
  • Full vehicle diagnostics
  • Courtesy car upon request
  • Labour rate of only £70 + VAT each hour
  • Genuine Porsche parts and Mobil 1 lubricants
  • MOT facility and a price match guarantee of performance tyres.

Porsche Servicing Equipment

  • 6 x vehicle lifts
  • Autologic diagnostic facility for communication, service reset and Porsche key coding
  • Beissbarth 4-wheel alignment
  • Pro-cut on vehicle disc lathe for refacing discs
  • Tyre fitting facilities with equipment suitable for low-profile performance tyres up to 24″ diameter
  • Mig and TigWelding facilities

What Porsche servicing experience does Tech 9 have?

We’ve been servicing Porsche cars here in Liverpool from customers in the North West and further afield in the UK since 1993, with thousands of models of all ages passing through our workshop. We’ve been lucky enough to work on some particularly rare and unique models – you may even get to see some if you visit our workshop!

Can Tech 9 provide a history of servicing?

A complete and up-to-date service history is essential for optimum performance and safety, as well as being required if you ever decide to sell the vehicle on. A history of servicing at Tech 9 will prove that the vehicle is in the best possible condition – additionally, we keep extensive records on file and will be in touch to make sure everything is fine once your car leaves our workshop.

Will an independent Porsche service affect my warrant?

Most Official Porsche Dealers will tell you that the service needs to be carried out by them or affect the warranty. This is not true unless you have a Porsche extended warranty. Porsches come with three-year warranties, and our genuine parts will not affect the warranty.