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At Walker`s Autotech we are often able to reduce our client's costly main dealer repair bills with our specialist repairs. Whereas the typical main dealer approach would probably mean replacing a costly item in its entirety, we have developed and perfected a number of techniques to either prevent or to repair rather than replace faulty components.
We have just added the latest Autologic diagnostic tools to our comprehensive fault finding tools which enable us to offer main dealer level fault diagnostics across all major prestige manufacturers.
Below is a small example of this particular specialist work. Should you require a consultation on any repair work of this nature, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Porsche Engines fitted to the 986, 987 Boxster and 996 (& early 997) 911s are all prone to the intermediate shaft bearing failing, resulting in catastrophic engine failure. The early warning signs including visible metal particles caught in the oil filter, rattle on start up or strange engine noises whilst driving. When the bearing eventually breaks up it normally results in throwing the timing chain off the sprockets at engine running speed and can mean total engine failure. Gradual break up of the bearing means probable ticking noise at idle but more worryingly metal fragments are distributed right through your oil system which will in most cases require a full engine strip.

We can undertake any type of IMS Bearing upgrade, diagnose IMS / Engine faults, Rear Main seal leak and / or carry out clutch replacement. Normally we replace your IMS bearing with either an LN Engineering ceramic bearing kit, or an oil fed EPS Bearing, either way, we normally recommend that we replace the clutch, rear main oil seal and carry out an oil service at the same time.