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I started restoring cars in the 70’s all your big six cylinder English sports cars Aston’s, Alvis, Jags and Healy’s, etc.

Then in the early 80’s a (jelly mould) came in a Porsche 356 coupe, with its hand built body shell, its lack of a chassis and how and where it rusted intrigued me.

Roger Bray Restoration was established in 1985 specializing in full and part restoration projects on Porsche 356, 912,911,914. Roger has been restoring cars for over 25 years and has restored some of the UK’s finest classic Porsche’s for example an Abath Carrera, 550 Spyder, 914/6, 914/6GT, 916, 911RS Lightweight and a 1959 Speedster GT & have just completed a 356BT5 Carrera Cabriolet R/H/D which is the only one Built by Porsche and are currently putting together after restoration a 356 Carrera 2 Ex Factory press car and many more.

We have restored cars for customers all over the world. We have sent cars to the USA, Finland, Europe and recently to Switzerland. There is always an interesting car with intriguing history somewhere in our workshops.