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Intl: +44 20 8500 8811

Service Centres

 Marque 21 is an independent Porsche specialist based in Dorset whose aim is to combine traditional engineering values with great customer service.

As well as routine maintenance for every model of Porsche ever built, this small, dedicated company offers a comprehensive range of services taking in repairs, bodywork, interiors, rebuilds, race preparation and the supply of Porsche parts.

From sourcing custom-made luggage for your Porsche to rebuilding it after an over-enthusiastic track day (!), to four wheel alignment geometry or chipping the engine, Marque 21 brings a lot of technical expertise to your Porsche.

Just as important is that the company offers a genuinely friendly approach to all its customers, providing services tailored to every aspiration and budget. If you care about your Porsche, you will want the best for it - and that is what Marque 21 aims to provide.